Share trading – 2 days workshop

This is one of our most popular courses.

This workshop will provide you with practical knowledge for trading on BSE Sensex and Nifty through a bank online trading portal.

In today’s complex and fast evolving economic condition every individual has multiple financial objectives for himself and his family to be fulfilled within a given time period which is difficult at the current salary levels and so a person and family starts cutting corners to find satisfaction in partial achievement of their objectives.

First – let us understand your 10-year wish list - you would like to pursue higher post graduate studies, buy a car, a house, get married, if married – children’s education and your retirement and so on your to-do list keeps expanding.

If you think savings are enough to meet your goals then this thought is wrong, because over time, inflation could eat into your savings while it will definitely increase the amount needed to meet the goals.

So, you need to invest in Stock Market Equity that beats inflation - Equity helps you to meet multiple financial objectives within a given time period and at your current salary levels without any stress.

We try our best to assist in achieving all your objectives without compromise by suggesting you to register and attend our 2 days workshop on share trading every weekend and make that extra income that goes a long way to satisfying your objectives.

You will learn:

  • 1 How to select the right stock
  • 2 When to buy
  • 3 When to sell
  • 4 How to manage your portfolio
  • 5 How to minimize the risk

We not only guide you on how to do daily share trading but also teach you, how to analyze the companies and their financials to buy right stocks. At the end of the course we help you start a security trading account with a leading bank for daily online trading.

This workshop is always going to be lively and highly interactive with real life examples from the stock market this workshop will help you develop your network and start interaction with your peer group in the field of share trading.

Course suitability

This workshop is suitable for anyone and everyone who intends to make that extra income by working from home - traders, investors, employees, analysts, students, housewives, retired persons, self employed businessmen and everyone.

Course contents

  • Understand share market (BSE & NSE)
  • Understand different types investment options available today.
  • Understand various options available to invest in shares
  • Analyze a company financials before buying shares
  • Apply various ratios to make a calculated right decision
  • Understand how to minimize / mitigate risk in share trading
  • Learn from a banker online share trading
  • Open demat and security account with a bank to start share trading.

Course duration

Learn about share trading is a 2 days workshop conducted every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. Please register by every Friday.

Course fees: Rs 2,500/=

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