Investing is the act of putting money in an endeavour to increase the value of that money i.e. over a period of time you have more money than what you put in (invested) originally. In other words, investing means putting your money to earn more money.

Saving is NOT investing & Investing is NOT betting

If you save your money in a piggy bank or safety vault instead of investing it, it will never grow. To make that happen, you must invest your money to multiply it by earning interest or dividend on what you invest or by buying and selling assets that increase in value over time.

Nobody wants to work forever. This is one of the most compelling reasons to start investing to make your money work for you and secure your future and to help you beat ever increasing cost of Inflation. Inflation is like rust. It slowly erodes your purchasing power. It eats into your savings, leaving a lesser value of the same amount with each passing year.

We offer you the following investment options:

Online Stock Trading

Today the Indian equity market presents the best opportunity for long-term investors.

We can help you start LIVE online trading of stocks listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).

We can assist you in opening a Security and Demat account for online trading. Long-term investors should have online trading account, to execute their own trades online with a convenience of sitting at home / office / cafeteria. Online trading provides you, with live stock prices, online cash transfer and instant order execution, so you get complete freedom from boring paper-work and easiest way to control your investments with a click of a button.

Online trading platforms provides you with:

  • Live Streaming Quotes
  • Access all Trading Calls
  • Advanced Charting features
  • Pattern Finder

We will guide you on building your investment portfolio based on your financial goals & risk profile. Once you are our registered member we will continuously keep you informed about best investment ideas and recommend stock investments inline with your on your investment criteria, strategy and goals.

Registered clients are also advised on promising IPOs and we assist them in the subscription and provide detailed report prior to making and IPOs investment.

Soon we will implement live trading platforms at our office and clients can walk into our office and be a part of the live trading sessions along with other investors. This will give you a chance to interact with other investors and grow your network among peer investors.

BSE reg:

NSE reg:





Dt. 3/8/2016 (CM segment)

Dt. 3/8/2016 (FO segment

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Mutual Funds - A Better way of Investment

Mutual Funds (MF) are considered as one of the best available investment options as they are cost efficient, professionally managed and easy to invest. Mutual Fund investments are ideal for those who want to grow their wealth over a longer period of time, avail tax benefits and enjoying tax-free returns on theirlong term investments.

Building a mutual fund portfolio requires planning and largely depends on individual preferences. There is NO ‘one size fits all’ solution and which funds to invest in will depend upon your financial goals and objectives. Hence defining your financial goals and objectives is perhaps the first and the most important step towards creating your mutual fund portfolio.

Sanrise Capital & Financial Advisors is registered with all leading AMCs and offer the entire rage of diversified Mutual Fund products such as : Equity MF, Debt MF, Balanced MF, Hybrid MF, Gold related MF, Real Estate related MF, ELSS & RGESS.

Become tax efficient and save Tax through investments in ELSS & RGESS Mutual Fund schemes. An ELSS is one of the best tax savings instruments available for investors today. But having said that, Investors should not be invest, at the fag end of the financial year in haste. To invest wisely, one should invest at the beginning of the year through the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) route as it would yield the true benefits of investing.

Investment in Mutual Funds can be done in two ways: either Lump Sum (one time) or through (SIP).

AMFI EUIN No : E173317

AMFI ARN No : ARN 116171

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Loans : A vehicle that helps you achieve your long-term Goals

We are registered with top rated lending agencies in India. We can help you source different types of loans as per your funding requirements. The loans that we offer are:

Loans for Salaried Professionals

  • Personal Loans

    Home Loans +
  • Home Loan + +
  • Professional Loans

  • Loans against Shares / Demat accounts +
  • Loan against Demat accounts – commodities +
  • IPO Finance
  • ESOPs Funding
  • Customised Financing +
  • Gold Loans
  • Loans against FDs
  • Loans for Self Employed

    In addition to the loans offered as to salaried professionals and professional loans, young independent business enterprises also can avail:

  • Business Loans +
  • Promoter Loans +

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Insurance : Let us secure our assets and our future.

Sanrise Capital & Financial Advisors also provides a wide range of General Insurance products that suit Clients’ requirements. Insurance helps to secure and protect the assets from a calamity or disaster and secures your & your family’s future. All cover recommendations are proposed only after accomplishment of inspections, scrutiny of existing insurance portfolio and ascertain areas for optimization of cover and pricing. General insurance products offered are:

  • Motor Insurance for two-wheeler & four wheelers.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Home & Property Insurance - prepare for the unexpected! Safeguard your home as well as its contents against natural calamities, theft or other perils

Corporate Deposits, NCD & Bonds – Provides consistency to your investment portfolio.

Investment savvy professionals need certainty on returns from their investment portfolio. Fixed Deposit Scheme gives you just that. Corporate Fixed Deposits are offered by companies/corporate and are an investment options suitable for investors who desire fixed returns over a period of time.

We offer amongst the best corporate fixed deposit schemes in India, you can trust us on giving your portfolio the stability and certainty it deserves! The FD we offer comes with FAAA/Stable Rating by CRISIL and MAAA (Stable) Rating by ICRA, offering the highest security for your investment. What’s more is you can choose a tenor of any number of months from 12 to 60, to suit individual needs.

Fixed deposits offer a wide rage of features:

  • Low Risk Investment Option
  • Rated by Credit rating agencies
  • Re-investing the principal along with the interest to enjoy compounding interest benefits
  • Flexibility in choosing frequency of interest payout, i.e. Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly or on Maturity.
  • Comparatively better returns than traditional Bank Fixed Deposits
  • Option to choose the investment period from 6 Months to 3 years (as per new Companies Act)
  • Nomination facility is available Exit option with premature withdrawals permissible

Investing in Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs) and Tax free Bonds is now made easy and hassle free. The benefits of investing in NCDs and Tax-Free Bonds, they offer:

  • Consistent Rate of returns
  • No Tax deduction at source (TDS) in Demat mode – this helps better tax planning
  • Rated by credit rating agencies determining the level of risk
  • Liquidity benefit : These instruments can be traded on Stock Exchanges
  • Option to choose tenure of the Bonds from the available options
  • Portfolio Diversification

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We can guide you and help you complete investments and provide retail financial services related to investing in Mutual funds, availing Loans and Insurance products. We are a registered IFA with most reputed and well-recognized financial institutions in India:

IFA for:

Financial Products we offer.

FDs Mutual Funds Loans Insurance
Bajaj Finserv
Mahindra Finance
Franklin Templeton
Kotak Mutual Funds
IDBI Mutual Funds
ICICI Prudential
PNB Housing Finance Ltd
Mirae Mutual Fund
SBI Mutual Funds
LIC Housing Finance Ltd
Sundaram Mutual Funds
Shriram Transport Finance
Reliance Mutual Funds
Invesco Mutual Funds
Larsen & Toubro MF
Birla Sun Life
Edelweiss Mutual Funds
JM Financials Mutual Funds
DSP Blackrock
BNP Paribas
Tata Mutual Funds

Everyone has needs and aspirations for future, to achieve them we need to make financial commitments today by setting our financial goals for tomorrow. The path to making right financial commitments today and to achieving financial goals is called Financial planning, which helps you experience happiness by realizing your needs and aspirations in future.

We at Sanrise Capital assist you in financial planning to beat inflation through your life cycle and wealth cycle. Our process:

  • We first establish a client-planner relationship
  • We gather client data and define their financial goals
  • We analyse and evaluate client’s financial status
  • We develop a multiple financial plans, recommendations and options
  • We implement the final financial plans
  • And we closely monitor the performance of implemented financial plans & investments.

We help you create wealth and a secured future for your family.